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Monday, December 2, 2013

Huge Power Podcast - Episode #4 - A Conversation with Professor Jennifer Jewell

       From Louisville, Kentucky, this is episode #4 of the Huge Power Podcast.  My name is Reagan M. Sova.  My guest for this episode is Professor Jennifer Jewell.  Professor Jewell teaches Social Work at Spalding University here in Louisville.  She earned a PhD from the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville and her research interests focus on social justice, grassroots organizing, international social work, and intersections between race, class, and gender.  Professor Jewell was kind enough to meet me at the headquarters of Womenin Transition or WIT, an organization she co-founded in 1998.  We discuss the history and mission of WIT, creating small d democracy in local communities, and the joy of joining together with others under of the goal of achieving economic human rights for all.  If you would like to get connected to WIT, just Google “Women in Transition Louisville” or you can find links to their Twitter, Facebook, and Website ( in the notes for this show.    
       You’ll hear sound clips in this episode from Gar Alperovitz in the trailer of The Next American Revolution and Barbara Ehrenreich speaking on Democracy Now! in 2011.  You’ll also hear music from Air Waves, their live version of “Lightning” closes out the episode, as well as a cover of “So What” by Miles Davis performed by Pablo GonzalesFlores, which you’re listening to right now.     
My apologies if the sound turned out a little on the tinny side; however, the words, the important part, are clear.  So, without further ado, you’ll hear my conversation with Professor Jennifer Jewell.  

       My thanks once again to Professor Jennifer Jewell.  For the Huge Power Podcast, I’m Reagan Sova.  Have a great day everyone. 

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